My virtual Pets

Welcome to my Virtual Pets' page

As part of my daily and weekly website project, I am dedicating a page just for my meager Vpet/Tamagotchi collection. Small collection but still proud off. :)

The first vpet that I've bought as an adult - the first that I had ever owned in fact - was in 2008. Which was a Tamagotchi V 4.5. Since then I have collected a few others - Some rare and some rather new ones.

So here they are! (Hover over the pics to enlarge)

Tamagotchi V4.5 and V5

These are the first 2 tamas that I have ever owned. Which makes them rather special to me even though I have not been playing with for a long while.

Vintage virtual pets

Nekotcha Game master England chickpet red rikou chan

I got these between 2008 - 2010. All from Ebay. I remember getting some of them pretty cheaply even though they were vintages. At that time, though there were communities with people who were interested in Vpets, but it wasn't as it is today. From the left, Nekotcha- e-pet cat, matchmaster England team virtual manager, Rikou-Rikou chan - you raise a boy, chickpet - you get a pet chicken.

Tamagotchi P's

white tamagotchi Ps green tamagotchi Ps

First colored tamagotchis that I had ever owned. The Tamagotchi Pierce or Ps. Got them around 2011 or 2012, ordered directly from Japan. I got them in white and green. The green heart was bitten off by our pet rabbit (unfortunately).

Tamagotchi 4Us

Purple tamagotchi 4U Pink tamagotchi 4U+

Then came the 4U series. In case you haven't noticed already, I usually buy them in 2s. So in case if I need another tama to unlock locations I can do so. But with the 4U, I don't remember having to do that.Only pain was I had to order a Japanese NFC phone as it doesn't work with EU phones with NFC capability.
Other than the Ps, I think the 4U had been a real fun one. 4U + is practically new as I never played on it as of yet. Only to check whether it was working.

Tamagotchi Mix

Pink tamagotchi Mix anniversary  tamagotchi Mix Sanrio

Next in the Tamagotchi line that I decided to get was the Mix. There were many versions but since I limited myself to 2 I chose the 25th anniversary version and later on, I got someone to get me the sanrio version from Japan to save on delivery and VAT cost ;).

Tamagotchi Meets

Green tamagotchi meets Magical Yellow tamagotchi meets Fairy

In 2020, I got myself two new colored tamagotchis from the Meets series. One Magical and one Fairy meets. I have no particular color scheme that in my collection. What ever catches my fancy at the time of purchase.
I am currently running the Magical meets. The Fairy one is practically new as I only opened to check it.

Tamagotchi Nano

Blue tamagotchi Nano 20th Anni Yellow tamagotchi Nano Gudetama

The only 2 Nano tamagotchis that I own - the 20th anniversary that I could buy here in Hungary when they first came out. And the Gudetama tamagotchi.

Other types

White humanplayer Black-red Miraiscope Digiman black White Qpet Pink Handwarm Tamagotchi

And here are the rest of the collection. Humanplayer, Miraiscope, digi salary man, Qpet v.1, and battery bank handwarmer that comes with a tamagotchi.